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Directory of DSEA Locals


DSEA Officers and Staff

DSEA Leadership Team

Frederika Jenner

Frederika Jenner, President
Term expires July 14, 2017
Red Clay Education Association

Frederika Jenner was re-elected President by DSEA members in the Spring of 2014.  She is a middle school science teacher at H.B. duPont Middle School in Red Clay, on full-time release to serve as president of DSEA.

Karen Crouse

Karen Crouse, Vice President
Term expires July 14, 2017
Lake Forest Education Association

Karen Crouse is Vice President, elected to the position by DSEA members in the Spring of 2014. She is the former president of Lake Forest E.A. (a unified local) and the financial secretary at Lake Forest High School.

Dom Zaffora

Dom Zaffora, Treasurer
Term expires July 14, 2018
Woodbridge Education Association

Dom Zaffora, a middle school teacher at Phillis Wheatley M.S. in Woodbridge, was elected the new DSEA Treasurer on May 20, 2013 by the Executive Board to replace Karen Crouse. His term expires in 2015.


Michael Bank, NEA Director
Term expires February 2017
Red Clay Education Association

Michael Bank serves as the Interim NEA Director, appointed by the DSEA Executive Board to replace Linda Brown, who resigned in August. Bank serves as DSEA's representative on the NEA Board of Directors.  He is a School Counselor at Warner Elementary School in Wilmington.


DSEA Office Locations

Headquarters Office Branch Office

136 East Water Street
Dover, DE 19901
Tel: 866-734-5834 or 302-734-5834
Fax: 302-674-8499

4135 Ogletown-Stanton Rd, Ste. 101
Newark, DE 19713
Tel: 302-366-8440
Fax: 302-366-0287


DSEA Staff- Headquarters

Jeff Taschner, Executive Director

Patricia “Patti” McGonigle, General Counsel

Tammy Wagner, Executive Assistant to Executive Director/General Counsel

Sandy Dearman, Executive Assistant to the President

Judy Anderson, CPA, Business Manager

Judy Bickling, Business and Membership Program Assistant

Peggy Ramsey, Business and Membership Program Assistant

Deborah Stevens, Director of Instructional Advocacy

Kristin Dwyer, Director of Legislation and Political Organizing

Debbie Weaver, Program Assistant for Government Relations, Research, Political Organizing. and Instructional Advocacy

David Wright, Director of Communications

Shelley Meadowcroft, Senior Communications Professional

Val Hoffmann, UniServ Director for Appoquinimink E.A., Appoquinimink FSWA, Appoquinimink ESPA, Polytech E.A. (unified teachers, paras, custodians), Smyrna E.A. (unified teachers, paras, custodians, secretaries), and Laurel E.A. (unified teachers, paras, custodians, secretaries, food service workers)

Wendy Cannon, UniServ Director for Cape Henlopen E.A., Cape Henlopen Support Staff, Indian River E.A. (unified teachers/specialists, secretaries, paras, custodians), and Delmar E.A.

Scott Cole, UniServ Director for Caesar Rodney E.A. (unified teachers and paras), Caesar Rodney Support, Milford E.A. (unified teachers/specialists and paraprofessionals), Sussex Tech. E.A., Sussex Tech Support, and Woodbridge E.A.

Mike Hoffmann, UniServ Director for Capital EA, Capital Paras, Capital Support, Capital Secys, Lake Forest (unified teachers, paras, secretaries, custodians, food service), Seaford E.A., Seaford Custodians, and Seaford Support Staff

Julie MacNeill, Program Assistant for DSEA/NEA-Retired and UniServ Directors

Betty Cash, Program Assistant to UniServ Directors

New Castle County Office

4135 Ogletown-Stanton Road
Suite 101 Newark, DE 19713
Tel: 302-366-8440
FAX: 302-366-0287

David Davis, Uniserv Director for Brandywine E.A., Brandywine School Nutrition, Christina Child Nutrition, Colonial School Food Workers, Colonial Transportation, and Red Clay Food Services Workers

Julie Harrington, UniServ Director for Christina E.A., Christina Paras, and Special Schools E.A. 

Laura Rowe, UniServ Director for Colonial E.A., Colonial Paras, Public Health Nurses Council, New Castle County Vo-Tech E.A. (teachers, specialists and paras), and Red Clay Secretaries 

Vickie Caprinolo, UniServ Director for Christina Secretaries, Red Clay E.A., and Red Clay Paras

Carol Zeisler, Program Assistant to New Castle County UniServ Directors

Anne Koiv, Program Assistant to New Castle County UniServ Directors

Donna Clack, Legal Assistant to DSEA General Counsel