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DSEA Representative Assembly

The RA is the annual "business" meeting where policy changes, bylaw amendments, budget, and new business items are debated and voted upon by local delegates.  Delegates also vote on proposed resolutions and receive updates on DSEA's legislative program.

The delegates are members of the different local associations within DSEA.  Each association is alloted one delegate for every 50 members.  This is done to provide the various educator groups, whether its teachers, food service, or paraeducators, with proportional representation.

Delegates are invited to attend the Celebration of Leadership dinner, held the night before.  The dinner is highlighted by the announcement of the winners of DSEA's annual awards.  The awards include the ESP of the Year, the Helen Wise Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to public education in Delaware, and the Community Partner Award, which celebrates a local business for it strong support of public education.  Nominations are submitted by members and then voted on by the DSEA Executive Board at its February meeting.

In addition to the celebration dinner and the business conducted on Saturday, delegates and their associations are also asked to support two important drives.

Local associations provide a "basket", which is included as part of a silent auction raising money for the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education.  Baskets will often have a theme, ranging from sports memorabilia to spa supplies.  Delegates place their bids starting on Friday evening, before the dinner, and bidding continues until midday on Saturday, when the winners are announced.

In addition to the basket silent auction, delegates have also been tasked with bringing school supplies.  The supplies will be collected and distributed to community organizations who assist students and families in need.

2014 DSEA Representative Assembly (March 15, 2014)

The 2014 DSEA Representative Assembly featured one of the largest slate of delegates at an RA, a speech by NEA Secretary-Treasurer Becky Pringle, and a surprise visit from Governor Jack Markell.  Perhaps the most significant takeaway from the day, though, was the provocative group of New Business Items (NBI's) adopted by the 164 delegates.

The NBI's which were adopted include the following:  (1)  Establishing an evaluation Task Force and calling for a moratorium on the use of test scores in evaluations until doing so can be shown to be fair, valid, and reliable; (2) Issue a vote of "No Confidence" in the implementation of Common Core; (3)  Support the rights of parents to opt their child out of high-stakes testing.

For a full rundown of the New Business Items adopted at the RA, [click here].

Lawmakers urged to take closer look at Component V 

On March 31st, DSEA President Frederika Jenner sent a letter to members of the Delaware General Assembly.  The letter detailed the persistent and pervasive problems plaguing successful and responsible implementation of Component V.  Jenner asked for support of a moratorium on the use of Component V scores in evaluations until the Delaware Department of Education can demonstrate that the scores are being used in a reliable and scientifically-valid manner.

President Jenner identified four issues which are at the center of the dwindling faith in DOE's demonstrated use of Component V:  (1) Fairness, validity, and reliability of the assessments and how they are used; (2) Lack of consistent training for evaluators and evaluatees; (3)  No process to ensure evaluations are done accurately and consistently across the state; (4)  Unresponsive treatment by DOE to the recommendations and advice offered by stakeholders.

[Click Here] to read the full letter

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