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Pension: Articles and Resources

Pension Resources:  Delaware

Office of Pensions- State of Delaware

The Office of Pensions maintains comprehensive and responsive systems for benefits and funds management which helps retain a quality workforce and provides a secure and supportive retirement commitment.

Delaware Pension Plan Calculator

Use the pension calculator provided by the Office of Pensions to get an estimate of what your pension should be.  The amount shown is not an exact figure.  Retirees or potential retirees are encouraged to speak directly with the Office of Pensions and attend a pre-retirement workshop.

Pensions Resources:  National Education Association

Who Should Make Pension Fund Decisions? (2011) (PDF, 4pp)

Who should make pension fund decisions? Research says: member trustees on pension boards work better with investments and tax dollars than political appointees. This fact sheet provides research results that can be used to counter proposals to reduce the number of member trustees on pension boards and replace them with political appointees.

Characteristics of Large Public Education Pension Plans (2010) (PDF, 192pp)

Since 1969, the National Education Association has conducted surveys of large public pension plans that include public education employees. This new edition provides data on more than 100 public education pension plans in all 50 states in the areas of plan membership, assets, retirement eligibility, vesting requirements, purchase of service credit, state taxation of benefits, employee and employer contribution rates, plan benefit formulas and limitations, actuarial methods, funding, and board membership.

Does Scale Matter for Public Sector Defined Benefit Plans? (2009) (PDF, 44pp)

This report explores whether conclusions can be made about the relationship between the size of a retirement system and its cost effectiveness.

Protecting the Retirement Security of NEA Members: A Toolkit

Has information you'll need to protect your pension plan from legislative attack. It includes the advantages of defined benefit (DB) pension plans and the weaknesses of defined contribution (DC) pension plans, what the research shows about converting DB plans to DC plans, how to respond to the arguments you'll hear, and how to conduct campaigns around pension issues. (2004)

NEA Issue Brief on Pension Protections in State Constitutions (2004) (PDF, 24pp)

Examines the pension protections currently in state constitutions and offers model language for those advocating for such a provision to protect the retirement system and its members.

NEA Issue Brief on Retirement Board Governance and Independence (PDF, 5pp)

Examines why membership of retirement boards should include plan participants and why retirement boards should be independent of the government that sponsors them.

Traditional Defined Benefit Pension Plans: A Tried and True System That Benefits Taxpayers (PDF, 1p)

This NEA fact sheet gives reasons why the traditional pension system is the best way to ensure that tax payers reliably receive vital services.

Don't Destroy a Proven System (PDF, 2pp)

This NEA fact sheet explains that the traditional pension system works—and has for more than 100 years. It is flexible and provides vital services to taxpayers at a low cost.

NEA Handbook

Published annually, with information on retirement security issues under:

  •  Resolutions - NEA Resolutions are formal expressions of opinion, intent, belief, or position of the Association, and address issues linked to school employee retirement security.
  • Legislative Program - The NEA Representative Assembly adopts the Legislative Program, which includes legislative issues linked to school employee retirement security issues.

National Council on Teacher Retirement (NCTR)

NCTR is an organization that includes 77 state, territorial, local, and university pension systems. The NCTR Web site includes publications, statements, studies and surveys, and other items of interest.

National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS)

NCPERS is a trade association for public sector pension funds, offers helpful links to resources for those interested in public pensions.

National Association of State Retirement Administrators (NASRA)

NASRA's members include the directors of the nation's public retirement systems. NASRA maintains a clearinghouse of information and resources pertinent to public retirement system administration and policy that is available from the NASRA Web site.

National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS)

NIRS was established by the Council of Institutional Investors, NASRA, and NCTR to conduct research and education programs regarding the traditional defined benefit pension system. The NIRS Web site provides research reports and briefs, commentary, news, important pension data, and educational materials.