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President's Welcome

I believe educators see a puzzle when they step into the classroom. They see students with different levels of enthusiasm, from different backgrounds, and with different abilities. Educators are eager to meet the challenges of building their students’ self esteem and raising their academic achievement.

An educator's ambition is driven by their students’ academic growth and personal development. This ambition is fulfilled when those students are successful.  However, every educator knows success is measured differently for each child.  It might be a test score or a grade for one student. For another, it might be fitting in and making new friends. And for a student with special needs, it might be learning a life skill which many of us take for granted.

I believe that providing a safe, secure, and supportive learning environment will allow for educators to build those individual successes for Delaware’s students.

We are your teachers, bus drivers, educational aides, cafeteria workers, school secretaries, custodians, school nurses, and librarians. Our members devote their lives to providing the best education they can for every single student in their classroom.  They devote their time outside of the school day to identifying strategies to reach the struggling student and make sure their success is every bit as recognized as the high-performing student.

As DSEA President, I welcome you to our new website and invite you to learn who we are, the issues that are important to us, and the goals we are committed to achieving in providing outstanding public education for all students in Delaware.

I also want to challenge you.  This is the same challenge I’ve extended to members of the Delaware General Assembly, our Governor, and my colleagues:  Let us all work together to be bold, yet practical, in seeking solutions to create the safe, secure, and supportive educational environment our students deserve.

In Solidarity,

Frederika Jenner