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Articles for Parents

According to Harvard Psychologists, Parents Who Raise "Good" Kids Do These 5 Things

Psychologists from Harvard University have put together a list of elements that are suggested to be the key to raising a good and successful child in today’s world. Although these elements are quite simple, they are really important to remember.

Teacher Tips: How Parents Can Help

Communicating with your child’s teacher is one way to help him succeed at school. But just how often should you contact the teacher, and what questions should you ask? And when do a parent’s questions or behavior tip from appropriate to meddlesome?  Here is some practical advice for working with your child's teacher.

Safety Tips for Parents to Prevent Missing Children

As parents, you know the things you must know, like the names your child's friends and to never leave your child unattended in a car... But do you know what your kids need to know?  Here are some safety tips for keeping your child safe.

Child Identification

One of the most important tools for law enforcement when searching for a missing child is an up-to-date, good quality photo along with descriptive information. A Child ID kit is a simple yet effective tool to help families maintain current photos of and descriptive information about their children.

Discipline That Works

The hope of every parent is to have children who are responsible, concerned members of society. Discipline is, of course, part of this effort. Research has repeatedly shown that, despite the importance of the peer group, parents usually have much more influence than they realize. Disciplining children takes a great deal of effort, but the main idea is that children and parents can change.

Talking with Your Child

Have you ever thought about the difference between talking with and talking to someone? Talking with someone puts you and the other person on an even footing. It gives more than one person a chance to express a belief or opinion. Talking to someone, on the other hand, is being - well, patronizing, or worse, domineering, even tyrannical. So only one person has a chance.  Knowing and understanding the difference can lead to a stronger relationship.

Conferring Successfully with Your Child's Teacher

Person-to-Person discussions between the teacher and parent provides a setting in which the teacher can understand the child better and the parent can learn more about their child's strengths and weaknesses at school.  Teachers and parents are natural allies in the effort to give the children the best possible education and talking about how to strengthen that partnership can only have positive outcomes.

Educational Links for Students

The Internet can be a wonderful resource for helping children learn more about the topics that interest them.  By leveraging the power of the Internet as a tool to extend classroom learning, children can stay sharp and excel.  Visit the following links and explore the fascinating learning options available.

Helpful Links for Parents

Parental involvement in education is one of the biggest factors that influence a child's success.  Understanding the many ways to get involved can be daunting, but these links provide an opening in which one can see either how to begin their involvement or strengthening it.