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Tools and Tips

The "Tools and Tips" section contains a variety of useful online tools to help professional educators improve their classroom instruction and/or professional practice.  Information will be added on an on-going basis, as it becomes available.

Back to School Educator Discounts

Make sure to cash in on all of the deals and discounts available to educators before heading back to school.

School Improvement

This section/article presents information, tools, and resources intended to strengthen your ability to engage in the school improvement process. It includes information about the Delaware Administrative Code which outlines the required procedures for implementing school improvement interventions. Also included are recommendations for local associations and recommended reading.

NEA Raise Your Hand

The National Education Association is issuing a renewed call to action—Raise Your Hand—a national initiative to mobilize educators, parents, and community leaders who share our commitment to ensuring the success of all our students. By tapping into their commitment and leadership to serve America's students, NEA is uniting members with parents, community leaders and elected officials across the country, fulfilling the promise of public education and to prepare every student to succeed.

Professional Development & Member Training

DSEA offers a robust Professional Development curriculum to members, helping them build and improve upon skills that will make them a more effective educator.  We also offer trainings and classes focused on member rights and advocacy.  These events begin in September and continue throughout the school year.

Professional Licensure

In order to teach in the State of Delaware, individuals must possess a professional license and certificate which authorizes them to teach their subject.  This section reviews the basic information about licensing/certification in Delaware, the steps for getting a license/certificate, relevant forms, and testing requirements.

Professional Standards Board

The mission of the Professional Standards Board is to determine, evaluate, and promote the standards which professional educators must meet in Delaware.  The PSB is outlined in Delaware law and is made up of a diverse group of representatives.  The Executive Director of the PSB is Chris Kenton, a long-time teacher from Lake Forest School District.  Learn about PSB members, regulations, relevant standards, and meeting agendas/reports.

Education Links

This section provides a launching point for other education organizations and resources that may be valuable for teachers and specialists at all grade levels and in all subjects.